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Catch the latest team leagues and events that are happening on our Twitch channel. All events will be streamed here.

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Our discord is open to everyone. We host events sponsored by the team including 1v1 tournaments, 2v2 random team tournaments, peep modes and more! If you want to join the team, ask a mod in the Discord as well. Members can join our "Settle the Beef" in-clan ladder, participate in team leagues and be part of a thriving Starcraft 2 community.

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Becoming a patron directly helps fund the team. These funds go towards hosting tournaments, showmatches, player salaries, and other Team Gosu events. The more patrons we have, the more we can afford to do!

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Second Fundraiser deadline extended!

Team Gosu's second fundraiser's deadline has been extended to January 13th! The drawing will now take place on January 15th 2023 instead. See the details link for how to sign up and what the prizes will be!

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Team Gosu's Second Fundraiser

Team Gosu is hosting our second fundraiser! There will be several drawings to win a Razer Ornata V2 Keyboard, a DeathAdder V2 Mouse, a webcam, or a Kraken 7.1 Surround sound headset! The larger the subscription, the more entries in the drawing you will receive. See the link below for details on how to enter!

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Cranky Ducklings Forfeits to Gosu in BTL Week 9

Unfortunately Cranky Ducklings was not able to field a team for the scheduled match time and so Gosu Pro wins 3-0. This means Gosu needs to win 2 more for a chance at the playoffs.

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